Picture living in a third world country. Now picture living in the poorest country in this hemisphere. Our mission for God’s Planet is to reach the lost. One of our continual ministries in Haiti is prison evangelism. Third world prisons are overlooked many times because there is such a great need outside the jails. There are six prisons in the Port au Prince area where we have permission to enter and speak to the prisoners about Jesus. It is our policy to go with gifts. We often take soap, toiletries, Bibles, song books, and even food to the prisoners to show them that God cares about their situation. Then we will cell by cell explain to them the love of Christ and His promise of salvation. This is a powerful ministry.
Our most recent trip to Archaie prison was one of those God ordained times. We attempted a visit to the prison on the last Sunday in October. The warden would not allow us to speak due to family visitation time. We asked him when we could return and Wed. from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm was agreed upon.
While riding back to our guest house one of the leaders spoke up and said that we should attempt to feed them lunch on Wed. when we came. We found out that there were 268 inmates and 32 guards and workers. So we made plans to feed them before speaking to them.  We bought 18 giant loaves of sliced bread, 300 slices of American cheese, and 300 sliced of ham. We also managed to buy 300 20oz bottles of Pepsi, Team, and 7-up.
Haiti has two seasons: hot and hotter! The prison cells with 25 or more packed into them seem to be as hot as it gets because of the lack of air flowing through the rooms. We decided to buy some blocks of ice and chill the drinks for an even better treat. With the help of our construction team and cook Makila we made the sandwiches on site and had just enough to give to everyone. We heard prisoners saying in Creole that they had not had more than rice and water the whole time they had been there. They were overjoyed, and the guards enjoyed the treat too!
After giving the proverbial cup of cold water in Jesus’ name we proceeded to divide up and preach to the prisoners one cell at a time. We had 75 first time decisions for Christ and many more who had made decisions before our visit. During one sermon about the two thieves on the cross in Luke 23: 34-44 Makila our cook who had joined us for the first time in the prison ministry was overcome by emotion and ran out crying from the prison. We continued on without missing a beat because the Holy Spirit was moving on these men. They confessed their sins out loud and cried out for Jesus to meet them there.
Later that evening I could not stand it any longer and asked Makila what had been wrong at the prison. This is a dedicated Haitian Christian woman. She said to me that while the Word of God was being preached she realized that, just like the thieves on the cross, some of these men and women may only have this single chance to change their eternal destiny. Just like those two thieves on the cross, some will join Jesus in eternity, and some will reject Him for the last time.
She sobered me up with the reality of those words.
I want to thank those who made this prison trip possible. We were able to feed each of them for $1 apiece.  If you do the math, $4 for each soul (that we know of) led to the Lord. John, Fernando, Don: thanks for giving. Pastor Daniels, pastor NaNa, Robert, Cathy, Daniel, Mark, Matt, Tom: thanks for bringing the anointing to that place.
If you are interested in ministering in Haiti prisons, crusades, remote outreach, medical, orphanages, schools, vocational training, construction, pastoral training, children’s ministry, women’s ministry we have opportunities for you.
Please visit our web site at http://www.gods-planet.com to learn more about our children’s mission education, and to learn more about how you can help in Haiti, visit our web site at http://www.godsplanetforhaiti.com.
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  1. Rick Gorrie says:

    Praise God! Sometimes I forget to Praise God, (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit(Eph1)) What a wonderful mission going into the prison and sharing God’s word. I have had the pleasure of being on several teams that go into Pontiac Prison here in Illinois. Most of the men we see know Jesus, but again I have had the pleasure to see men come to Christ. Out of pure obedience I have been able to see miracles behind those walls. Praise God for the work and efforts in those Haitian Prisons!! Obedience often brings us closer to Christ and we get to see the Holy Spirit overflowing and working in the lives of others!1

  2. Grant Rimback says:

    my contact info is 865.805.8441

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